EXPERTISE: corporate identity & branding, 

packaging design, print, digital media, art direction


Businesses and brands, when managed in a careful and conscious manner, convey coherence as well as a unique energy signature. They reach specific objectives and generate credibility amongst customers, suppliers, investors, the company’s workforce, potential employees and the critical public. Marly helps you to accomplish this and, as your partner, develops solutions in the process of creating or evolving your company and product communications.


A corporate or brand identity that is consciously managed stands out from the general flood of information. All media have a distinctive and coherent Look & Feel, which confirms the professionalism and stature of the leaders behind it, and generates high equity in the sense of awareness (recall / recognition) and image (the overall associations that the brand has). 


Having Marly as an outside business partner can be enlightening in identifying key issues and helping to improve positioning and perception, and thus loyalty and pride among target audiences. Our service portfolio can be tailored according to your project’s particular needs and intentions. 



PROCESS: explore, establish, express, execute, excel


Our process includes an analytical and strategic approach combined with intellectual curiosity and intuition. This results in awareness and knowledge which serve to maximise opportunities for your success. A translation of these findings into creative exploration
and visual expressions is then the next step. 


Brand Creation or Refinement: Marly has developed a process which makes the best use
of your resources. The typical phases of a project: 


I. Explore

Asking, Listening & Evaluating


II. Establish

Concepts & Design Exploration


III. Express

Design Development & Application Study


IV. Execute

Launch & Implementation


V. Excel

Review & Maintenance


A close collaboration with the senior management and / or executive board on client's side is imperative, not only to gain a deep understanding of the background, current situation and vision, but also to be able to allow performance transformation and evolution in a far-reaching and comprehensive manner. 



BENEFITS: to establish position + perspective, to develop smart, soul-filled design solutions and allow clear communications that make life easier and more beautiful


Much has already been said and written by many in the past. Corporate Identity – the work which once was covered by a discipline called Graphic Design (with pioneers like Paul Rand, Josef Müller-Brockmann etc.) – evolved into big branding, marketing or advertising programs. For better understanding, the term Corporate Identity is usually applied to distinguish corporations (institutional brand) from the branded product or service they supply (consumer brand), Brand Identity.


There is a common misconception about branding – that it simply consists of a logo or symbol, which is applied at random to everything a business produces. If that was ever the case, it is certainly no longer so these days when consumers all over the world have developed an increasingly sophisticated understanding of how to interpret the vast number of commercial messages with which they are presented daily.


Benefits of Branding Activities

Generally there are two categories of potential benefits – the tangible gains like growth and increased sales and profits – and then there are the intangible benefits which refer to how an organisation is perceived by its customers and other audiences (intangible benefits are no less important!):

  • To define the positioning and uniqueness of an organisation or product: 
    communicating who you are, what you do, how you do it and where you want to go.

  • To provide perspective: to have a better idea about the organisation’s future 
    (“Which partner fits the vision?”, “Let’s merge and be big.”, “Let’s merge and be new.”).

  • To help refresh, adjust and fine-tune.

  • To coordinate what exists and explore opportunities.

  • To signal effective management control and improve external perception.

  • To improve motivation and loyalty (pride) amongst workforce.

  • To reflect future viability to investors: the organisation is perceived as connected, trustworthy and innovative.

  • To create a sense of belonging and experiences to which people want return to
    again and again.


A Golden Thread is an idea or feature that is present in all parts of a story or thing, and holds it all together and gives it value. Translated into your business activities:

A Golden Thread is based on the spirit of your enterprise and runs through everything you do as an organisation. 


Brand Communication Tools:


Competitors' Analysis
Product / Service Architecture

Naming & Nomenclature

Brand Soul Essence & 'Look & Feel'

Logo & Signet Design

Stationery & Forms

Webdesign & Digital Media

Photography Style

Literature Systems & Brochures

Book Covers

Internal & External Signage

Interior Design

Branded Environments

Packaging Design

POS & Displays

Exhibition Design

Livery Design

Brand Management & Evolution:
Design Manual & Guidelines

Internal Culture
Brand Guardianship

Creative Exploration

Strategic Refinement

Strategic Partnerships

Paying the price without knowing the value is ignorance.

Knowing the value without paying the price is corruption.

Knowing the value and

paying the price is integrity.


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